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Essential Oils

I am a distributor of All-Natural, Therapeutic-Grade Young Living Essential Oils. 

I've had bad experiences in the past with essential oils where I get a headache or feel nausea from them. With Young Living Essential Oils I only have positive results. 

To purchase Young Living Essential Oils, please contact me or to purchase oils yourself online go to:
Select that you were referred by a member. My member # is 1677199. You put that number in Sponsor and Enroller ID.

If you purchase a whole kit (Premium Starter Kit with the NEW Dewdrop Diffuser), you will become a member receive the member discount when you purchase oils. You also automatically become a Young Living distributor. Buying a kit includes eleven oils and a diffuser and other goodies. You can then diffuse oils in your home!

If you're unsure all the many ways you can use the oils, contact me!

You may be wondering why purchase the oils through me rather than someone else... Purchasing the Young Living oils through me you'll become part of a "family" and support system. You'll automatically be part of a Oils Group on Facebook where you can ask questions and learn more about the oils. 

Happy oiling!
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